March 03, 2024
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   Diesis' Sore Back  

     I originally contacted Kelly hoping to get my back sore horse some relief through massage therapy.  At 12, Diesis had sustained years of work in expensive "custom" saddles that didn't quite fit.  Finally, my stoic guy started reacting to weight on his back.  I addressed it with the current saddle fitters and was told by the County team that the saddle they had was "as good as it could get" given his high withers and resulting slope.  Well, that saddle bridged soo badly that he was seriously back lame with pinching from a too-narrow fit that caused atrophy.  I was pretty naive about the basics of saddle fit...

     Kelly was amazing- as an independent saddle-fitter he was able to assess a variety of saddles without compromise.  It wasn't a fast process- it required tracings, photographs, saddle trials and telephone calls between Kelly and the saddlemaker to ensure the correct tree and shape.  But finally success!!  A saddle that fits my shark-finned horse like it was made for him- but the best was yet to come...Six months after the saddle change and therapy work Kelly did a follow up back tracing- Diesis had actually built up his top line during this period,WOW.  Two years on, we have not had a single issue regarding his back and continue to build correct muscles.

     Diesis and I are grateful to Kelly for his genuine concern and commitment to excellence.

     I would be remiss not to mention that Kelly also took the time to find a second-hand saddle that fits my 4 year old beautifully!  He kept a copy of her tracings and when he was at the tack shop he would check the re-sales for a match.  The result was a great fit and saved me a bundle of money!!

                                Lori Bond- Land's End Farm- Louisville KY

   Lynn and Billy  

+++  Kelly was able to find a saddle that worked wonderfully for both myself and my difficult-to-fit horse. His experience with equine sports massage gives him extra insight into the importance of correct saddle fit for both horse and rider. He did a thorough assessment of my horse's physical characteristics and was able to sort through the overwhelming number of saddle choices for me. Because he does not have a vested interest in a single brand of saddle, I felt confident that he was presenting me the best options possible within my price range. I ended up with a saddle I'm very happy with that I feel was a good value. Lynn Cralle (Alta Vista Farm)


   LeAnn and Haskell  

+++  At age 17, Haskell experienced hind-end lameness.  After injections the lameness returned weeks later.  Kelly asked to see my saddles and I bragged about his new "custom" saddle, which had been made from a wither tracing.  After inspection...he explained how it's narrow gullet was pinching...causing pain and likely hind-end lameness.  He explained how saddles should fit the entire length of the back.... He did templates of his back (six measurements)...and helped me find a properly fitting saddle, then helped me sell the "custom" one.  Once the pain was gone, so were those problems.  Our dressage scores and comments were proof of our progress.  Kelly did more than improve Haskell's quality-of-life, he improved mine too.   LeAnn Ross (Stoneplace Stables)


EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433
Client comments