December 11, 2023
EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433    
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Kelly, Update on Will. First, I want you to know that I believe that the work that you do and the education you provide me are the absolute best value I can get for the money spent for horse health support! I always thoroughly appreciate and enjoy your visits. Will loves his treatment regimen. I do the therapy work each day and followed the 3 day ramp up to riding schedule. Rode him today and he was the most fluid I have felt him yet and his long back muscles are getting toned but not overly tight and tender.

Paul Boland




 Chrissa Hoffman

 To compete at the international levels of dressage, not only do you need an athletic and willing horse, you need a team behind you to help get you there!  Kelly has been working on my Grand Prix horse, Ferrelli, for the past 6 months and has made a huge difference in our daily training.  He makes sure "Relli" stays loose and supple throughout his body and is absolutely, 100% knowledgeable about what I need from him on a day to day basis.  I trust Kelly's expertise and could not do this withouot him.  Ferrelli is very sensitive by nature and needs all the care that I can give him to compete at his best. 

     Thanks Kelly for all you do!




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   Lauren Kovatch Long and Rio  

Lauren Kovatch Long:

     I have had Kelly work on horses numerous times.  This past fall he came to the rescue when my competition horse came up lame 6 days before our goal competition of the year.  The vet felt there was little chance he would be sound in time for the competition, but I called Kelly knowing he would be able to help Rio get better.... he came to our farm om a Sunday, worked on Rio for 2+ hours, then gave us PT to do for Rio in the days leading up to the show.  Rio ended up competing; Kelly even stopped by our stall to see how Rio was doing!  It is so nice to know that he cares about the horses and how his work affects their lives!

EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433
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