March 03, 2024
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   Gait Analysis  

     An integral part of the evaluation of any horse is observing how the animal moves at the walk and trot.  The evenness of footfall, movement of the head and neck, levelness of the pelvis and ability to engage the hind-end all are clues to the total fitness and comfort of the horse.  What may appear to be a minute difference in the tracking up of the hind legs could be an indication of limitations in either bone or soft-tissue areas.  Short-stepping on the front-end may indicate shoulder impingement, knee or foot injuries. 

     After many years of hands-on evaluation and observation, I believe my ability to diagnose what is going on with your horse is fairly accurate.  There are many veterinarians ( Foster Northrup, Roger Magnusson, Jack Easley and Nancy Brennan) who refer to me when they are baffled by an on-going issue with a horse, something they can not solve with medications or injections.  My process is not fast.  Most initial evaluations and treatments take between 1-2 hours.  But my results speak for themselves (see client comments).

EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433
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