April 16, 2024
EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433    

Renee the camel at the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville Indiana.

Renee suffered from hind-end lameness and responded very well to the deep-tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustment provided by Kelly.

   Chiropractic Care  

            I have trained in and studied equine chiropractic theory, application and technique under Drs. Daniel Kamen (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) and William Hampton (Pagosa Springs, Colorado). Dr. Kamen is the author of "The Well Adjusted Horse". Dr. Hampton, among other distinctions, provides chiropractic care for Pat and Linda Parelli.  In combination with my training as a physical therapist, the chiropractic adjustment is enhanced by the soft tissue work and releases I can achieve.  I feel that a statement from a client say it all:

     My horse Cody Ko had been having back issues for a while; stiffness, hock problems and issues girthing.  After I would get the saddle on and tighten the girth he would get a panicked look in his eye, sink down, and either lunge forward, start backing up, or scramble as if trying to escape the saddle and girth. 

     I was then lucky enough to have Kelly work on Cody.  He spent a great deal of time watching him walk, going over his entire body, doing chiropractic work as well as massage.  Kelly explained to me what he was doing and feeling on Cody.

     Since Kelly worked on Cody he has been a new man.  He moves so much better and is more relaxed under saddle and on the ground.  He no longer has issues with the girth!  Kelly really takes pride in his work; he calls to follow up on the work.  He has your horse's best interest at heart.

     The work Kelly did was truly amazing.  Without him my horse would still be suffering from a sore, tense back.  I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to truly enhance the quality of their horse's life and improve their performance training.  I will definitely be using Kelly in the future.  Elizabeth O'Neil  (Lands End Farm, Goshen, KY)



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EquiTher, Contact: Kelly Flowers MPT, ESMT 502-418-0433
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